Jeremy Gallian (fortunato) wrote,
Jeremy Gallian

I am the Anti-Instrument

It appears that I exude an anti-instrumentation field, which causes all instruments at Baxter that I interact with to fuck up in amazing and unprecedented ways. Other than that, I'm truly loving my new job. I'm one week (well, one week and one day) in, and things are looking pretty good. Once I got past the reading SOPs until my eyes bled stage, and now I'm into the doing stuff portion of the program, I'm liking it. It's nice to be able to put into practice all that I'm learning. Also, it's nice to get the come-down from 'Oh, I KNOW what I'm doing now' attitude that was starting to grow in my head. I need that every once in a while, to have reality smack me down. Now, if I can just lose this technology jinx...
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