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I finally feel like a chemist!

Friday, I did more actual wet chemistry that I've done in the past ten+ years since I graduated from IU with a degree in Chemistry. I performed two equipment releases, which is to say that I ensured that two things that had been cleaned were properly cleaned, and one was holding up a VERY large amount of work in my company. So I am now, officially (in my mind, not so much in anyone else's I think) a chemist. Odd that I've been working with chemicals and whatnot since I got out of school, but I haven't felt like a chemist yet.

I have to say I'm loving my work, but I'm not loving the journey to get there. We're still living in Greenwood, my wife and I, until we can find somewhere to live in Bloomington. This is also to give her time to find a job and not have to drive back to Indy until she's out of her current job, but mostly because we don't have a place lined up yet. This means that I drive an hour one way every day to work. In the dark. When I'm tired. BOY that sucks! *laughs* Yes, I'm a wuss, I'll fully admit it, but that doesn't make it any more fun to spend two hours a day on the road to work eight (or so) hours a day.

So that's pretty much all of my life right now. Sorry, nothing more fun and interesting to talk about, but hopefully I'll have something more in the near future. I think I've found us a good transition place to live, it's just a matter of getting Rita down to B-town to have a look at it. Once I've got more free time, I'll get back to the pithy, insightful thoughts that you've come to expect from someone's else's journal. *grins*
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