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Gods, I shouldn't, but I'm gonna...

So, check me on this one, make sure I'm not crazy or something:

Bill Clinton pounds an intern in the Oval Office and gets articles of impeachment drawn up against him, W not only admits to illegal wiretaps but INSISTS that he'll do it again and keep doing it and there's NOTHING?!?  Look, he's committing, at the very least, a breach of civil liberties.  At worst, he's committed (well, I shouldn't say committed, I should say instigated and abetted.  It's not like W was out there putting the wiretaps in or anything...) a serious crime.  And he says he'll do it again.  Out loud.  In front of people that record such things.  Clinton was guilty of what?  Poor taste and the inability to keep it in his pants?  And not a word about impeachment comes up.  Hail to the Chief, indeed.  And you know what the worst part is?  I don't even think this is going to get the Republicans out of the White House.  I fully believe the Demos will manage to lose the election again, judging by what I see.  How is that possible?

In other news, my deer meat is here and in the freezer, so if anyone that I know is interested in some deer steaks, just ask.  I've got give-away quantities since Rita isn't down with the venison.  Good stuff, very lean and tasty when properly prepared.  OK, time to hit the sack, gotta go to work in the morning.  Take it easy, kiddies.
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