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Bloggers of the world, beware

So, I'm sure you've all heard about this 'La Petite Anglais' madness in France, right?  If not, Google it or hit or something, it's some food for thought and I doubt I could give the story it's due.  That's why I don't talk about work on this thing, for fear of reprecussions.  I mean, sure, it's nice to blow off steam and get the work stuff out of your system, but MAN do you have to watch yourself.  The anonymity of the Internet has made people think they're invulnerable, I think, but it's not really that anonymous, is it?  If someone REALLY wants to find out all about you, they can, it's just a matter of time and resources.  Much as I've always said, with certain restrictions there is a price for me to do's just that the price is (generally) well out of the range of worth it.  Just remember, there's safety in numbers and pray to the gods you never piss a determined hacker off.  *grins*

In other news, I would heartily suggest Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series of books if you are into alternative history-type storylines.  The basic premise is that vampires, were-creatures, and other such supernatural things are real in our world and how that has affected society and interactions with them and whatnot.  There's a lot more, but again I don't think I can quite do justice to the whole series (which I own and bought/read voraciously up to the latest release, which I'll get as soon as it's in soft-cover).  If you live close and know me, I'll even loan 'em out to you to read if you ask nice.

Huh, look at that, I think I'm having opinions and writing again...odd, innit?  *grins*
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