Jeremy Gallian (fortunato) wrote,
Jeremy Gallian

Well, I guess it takes a natural disaster to make me write something

Yeah, so, not to be too fine a point on it...We (Rita and I) live in Columbus, IN now. In a house we bought a year ago in a very nice little neighborhood near the Haw Creek. That particular creek is now approximately four feet deep in our house. That's right, friends and neighbors, you now can lay claim to knowing someone that's a natural disaster victim. I know what the sound of the end of everything is now, it's a mixture of dogs and cats and emergency vehicle sirens, puncuated with the slapping of water on walls and fencepost. Honestly, I don't know what else to say other than a few observations from the frenzied half-hour or so that we spent trying to get out shit together and evacuate:

Get all the important papers and such the like in one place, and make that place as mobile as possible.

It wouldn't hurt to take some of those old shirts, pants, shorts, etc. that you keep around and put them in a bag. Maybe three or so days worth, and have it near the important papers.

Have the animal carriers (if you've got cats) nearby and ready to use.

DO NOT assume that it's going to stop, that it has to stop, why the fuck isn't it stopping??!?? Trust me, by the time you figure out it isn't stopping, you've lost a good twenty minutes.

And for the last, and possibly most important thought: Buy a house on a hill. A tall fucking hill.

I don't know how often I'll be back on here, as we're staying at my Mom's until we can get back to Columbus and figure out what the hell's going on. If you the praying sort, it wouldn't hurt; if you're the thinking sort, we appreciate positive thoughts very much. Wish us luck, everyone.
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